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Hurricane Season 2010

For our first stay on the Rio Dulce for Hurricane Season, we chose the Tijax Eco Lodge and Marina (www.tijax.com).  We chose this marina because it is close to town and has access to the city by road.  In fact, it is located on a working rubber plantation.


  This is Scott heading to the road down the hundred yards of suspended bridges to get to land. 

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5 Pictures of the plantation with Linda off Rainbowrider, my morning walk mate. We would walk at least one hour, except for the day that we found a shortcut down a road that turned our one hour walk into a two hour walk.  I think the plantation workers were a little surprised when we came walking by, but I do believe they got used to seeing us every morning. 

t6 t7

Here is the bridge and looking down into the main street.  Here is the easiest transport around town, a moto taxi.


  Side Note:  The driver that Scott got to drive him to G. City usually drove a moto taxi but instead drove a pretty new mustang to get him there.  To say the least, it was an interesting trip through the mountains.  These are two other forms of transportation/hauling goods. 

t9 t10

  Also in town was the Monaco Circus. 


Tropical Storm Alex is in the Caribbean, so not only did Cindy have to prepare for the rain, (which ended up being very light) but also for leaving the boat for maybe up to 4 months.  The marina had a dehumidifier we could rent and they will also open it up every day that the weather permits.  They also helped us do all our paperwork to extend our paperwork to keep the boat in Guatemala for a year. 

t12 t13

t14 t15


  Amazing Grace tied in the marina, everything down below in our state rooms, and our bed with all the cushions from the cockpit. 


In case, any of the Garza’s decide to come for a visit, there is a cabin ready and waiting. 

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