The Amazing Grace

Let Your Dreams Set Sail


Getting Ready


July, 2006

After the Veracruz Race we decided it was time to work towards our dream.  Scott had offers to write computer programs for oil rigs.  It would mean a lot of travel.  We decided it was worth it to make the extra money for the cruising kitty.  Scott has been fortunate enough to have gone to Scotland numerous times, the Middle East, Africa, and all over the Gulf of Mexico. 


June, 2008

Cindy finishes her 22 year of teaching ESL (English as a Second Language).  She can not officially retire in Texas until she is 55 , so she just quits working and is happy to be a boat wife. 


September, 2008.

Cindy gets the boat ready for Hurricane Ike.  Scott is in Scott Land and watches the storm on Aztec’s camera system until the lights go out.   The finger pier holding the Amazing Grace broke as it rode up in the storm surge in the mouth of the marina.  All other boats that had broken piers ended up on shore, but she was just sitting tied in the slip.  Cindy spends 5 weeks on the boat waiting for power and Scott  to return.  STORM DAMAGE:  Stay Sail, Dolphin striker, wind generator, dodger and bimini damaged/destroyed.   Departure Date will not be in November, 2008.


October – December 2008

Cindy gets the opportunity to work with Scott for 6.5 weeks as his assistant/trainee and even gets paid.  Happily, more money for the damages and cruising kitty. 



December – March 2009

Bottom job and get in line to get hurricane damages repaired.  Cockpit enclosure first quoted as mid January to end of the month.  It ended up being the final thing completed on Holy Thursday, April 9. 


Wednesday, April 15

Today is the day.  We did some more organizing, throwing, and giving away.  We went for our last lunch at Double Dave’s, we will surely miss their buffet, Stromboli, and pizza rolls.  Went back to the marina, since there was finally enough water to get out,  and paid our last slip payment.  Then we threw off our lines to Dave and Bev. (Beloved Light) who helped us out of the slip.  As we were on our way out, our greatest supporters Kay, Larry, and Adrian showed up to take pictures on our way out of Kemah. Words cannot express how much we appreciate all they have done for us.  We then headed out to Redfish Island.  We waited there two days, watching the weather.  Numerous times we have had to go in bad weather to make it back for one reason or another but usually work.  We had longed for the day that we could go with good weather or sit it out in the bad.  So here we are sitting it out when we want to go., go , go!


Friday, April 17

Since they were calling for the winds to change by Sunday, we decided to move down the the Galveston Yacht Basin so we would be closer to the Gulf once the wind changed.  Storms and overcast  The solar panels can’t keep up.  Boy do we miss our wind generator.  Storms blew up and dropped record breaking rainfall, eight inches in 2 hours,  and a tornado in Seabrook.   We were relatively warm and dry in our new cockpit enclosure with the engine running keeping ourselves  safe at anchor. 



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