The Amazing Grace

Let Your Dreams Set Sail

Lake Huron

         Finally we got a chance to sail on the great lakes continuing up and around the thumb.  What an experience.  The weather changed at a blink of an eye.  We would go from 2 knots to 7 knots in an instant as a gust would hit us.  We got very good at bringing sails in, reefing them in, and taking them down.  Also we tried to dodge thunderstorms.  Scott did a great job.  We missed most of the downpours and only got hit by a few showers while we enjoyed the lightning shows in the distance. 

         As we crossed the lake we saw many of the 300 boats that had just completed the Port Huron to Mackinaw race.  We have come to some conclusions.  We noticed that none of them had cockpit enclosures and sailed in full weather gear.  We have decided that we are truly cruisers and not sailors.  We also deduced that we use the enclosure, while we are in Texas, more for a sun block to cool off and stay out of the sun.  Here they don’t have to worry about the sun, it is more about staying warm.  During the night we even had to pull out long johns, hats, gloves, and blankets to keep warm. 

          Sunday the weather predictions did not at all resemble the weather we were experiencing.  We were fighting waves and getting pretty beat up.  Finally, after not making much headway, we decided to pull in and anchor near a limestone mine and not risk getting caught during another night of storms.  We were surprised that none of the guide books even noted this natural anchorage. We had a very calm night, protected from the wind. When we got up we noticed all the storms that passed us during the night.  Either we slept through it or they passed around us.  The night was exactly what Scott and I enjoy most, being all by ourselves in a beautiful anchorage.

         Monday we continued on up and around the index finger and headed for Cheboygan, MI.

we had been overrun by the Great Lake Voyageurs Fur Traders.  They have been paddling the Great Lakes for 23 years.  In the picture, the man at the helm is the originator and has completed all 23 trips.  This re-enactment group can travel as much as 35 miles in a day.  The originators are now bringing on their grandsons to continue the journeys.  When I think of the weather we have had to contend with, I can’t believe these hardy gentlemen do it paddling a canoe. 

         As we began the trip around the mitten of Michigan, we were hoping to get all the way around before Scott had to head off to Scotland.  Well we weren’t so lucky.  Starting Saturday morning, the phone calls began wanting him in Dundee as soon as possible.  Do you know the expression, be careful what you wish for?  Since Cindy quit work last year, our goal has been to be hired as The Taylor Team, so I could go with him.  Well our wishes have come true, the one time I wouldn’t mind being alone on the boat with family and friends so close by.  This job is flying us both to Scotland.  So on Thursday, Aug. 6 we are both  ♫♪ Leaving on a jet plane…don’t know when we’ll be back again.  ♪♫   We are hoping to be back in Michigan to celebrate Scott’s birthday on September 1. 

         Today the weather was threatening off shore but we were able to stay close to shore which blocked most of the winds as we motored to our destination.  We have been surprised at all the boats in Michigan.  We guess that the guide books are right when they say that the state with the most registered boats is Michigan. 

         Tuesday morning we woke up to a commotion at the Cheboygan County Marina.  When Cindy popped her head out, she was surprised to see

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