The Amazing Grace

Let Your Dreams Set Sail

Norfolk, Virginia to New York harbor

        Everyone sailor we meet says, “Wuz Up with this weather?”  Since it is not normal, the weather forecasters don’t know what to predict.   Thunderstorms, tornados, and rain…oh, my…..Flooding, waterspouts, and hail…oh, my…Gale force winds offshore… Oh, my.

That just about sums up our Norfolk 6 day layover.  We were stuck on hold waiting to go back offshore.  When we had jobs, we didn’t have the luxury of waiting, we always had a schedule to meet.  So it is kind of hard for us just to sit and wait.  Scott finds projects to work on. 

Finally we left Norfolk, knowing that if we had to we could motor all the way to NY, and that is what we had to do for 51 hours.  These pictures are when we are leaving the channel and passing over tunnels. 

Luckily, since there wasn’t any wind, we didn’t have any waves.  So we didn’t have all the wave movement on the boat and didn’t get what we call beat up. If you can imagine, it was glassy water on the Atlantic.   It was much cooler, so we had to dig out clothes we haven’t used in two months,     since we crossed the Gulf. This leg we were visited by all single dolphins and dah dum…… SHARK!! (below left).  Also now there is a lot more trash in the water.  We spotted lots of balloons and especially mylar balloons, out on the water.  (below right)

Navy hovercraft in NorfolkBIG, container ship

made this trip up the channel even more enjoyable watching all the sights.   Now we head up the Hudson River to the Erie Canal.

Shark!!Mylar party balloon

 The channels leading to New York Harbor.

Verzano Narrows Bridge

 One we entered was Chapel Hill Channel.  It brought back many memories to Cindy who lived with the McGlashens on Chapel Hill Drive in Battle Creek, Mi.  After we went under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge we were very surprised because we basically were driving through a parking lot or anchorage of boats from very large ships to all kinds of barges and how can I forget the NY Ferries!

Tug boat in the Harbor

We had made it to the Statue of Liberty.  Now it was time to take the obligatory Great Loop picture.  If you can imagine, we had to put the boat on auto-pilot and move ourselves into a position to take the picture.  Of course, it takes a couple of tries.  The whole time trying to watch and make sure you aren’t going to get run over.  

Cindy and LibertyBoth of us! Who's Driving?Make ramming speed!

After all that stress, especially Scott was glad to get to the Liberty Park anchorage for the night.  Since Scott and I had spent 8 days and 7 nights in NYC for our 10th anniversary.  We couldn’t think of any reason to spend time in NYC this trip so the next morning we were off again.  We woke up to helicopters flying over head.  We couldn’t figure out what was up.  We thought maybe we were being filmed on Good Morning America because they had heard that we were in town.  No luck, we were surprised to see police boats around the statue.  Looking closer we saw people swimming in the water.  It was the NYC Swim with 150 registered to be in the water.  Since we had already been to NYC it made this trip up the channel even more enjoyable watching all the sights.

Look closely there are idiots swimming in New York HarborNo gorilla here either?Where's the gorilla?Our next boat.  Nice helicopter on deck!Ellis Island
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