The Amazing Grace

Let Your Dreams Set Sail


Charleston, South Carolina

         If I had to go ashore and be alone while Scott did a job, Charleston was a great place to be. First the marina is all you would think of for a mega yacht facility.  Every day would bring in new boats to admire.  Also the Portimao Ocean Race finished the fourth leg and started the fifth while I was sitting here. I missed seeing the 59th largest personal yacht (230’) as it came in to top off their tanks with 18,000 gallons of their 60,000 diesel capacity before their return to Germany. 

 Charleston, South Carolina

I met different people from all over the world on every shuttle ride to the city.  I even saw the stereotypical yachty type with the dress shoes, white shorts, dress shirt, and suit jacket speaking with an eastern accent.  Also the ICW small cruise liner named American Spirit came in and took on a new set of passengers at the marina.  

    I enjoyed learning all about Charleston’s history: seeing Fort Sumter (above) in person, then Drayton Hall (below), which was built when George Washington was 6 years old, the only plantation to remain standing during the Civil War because it was a hospital during Sherman’s march, Magnolia Gardens and over 80 churches.

 Then both of us visited the Angel Tree (above), and we learned about the Gullah Geechee languages, made famous by Porgy and Bess.  Here is the grave of the real life Porgy (below).

 I was also surprised to learn that earthquakes happen in Charleston.  Imagine having to worry about hurricanes and earthquakes.  It amazes you even more when you look at the old homes knowing that they have survived both of these.  During all my walks I loved looking at the homes.  The single house is what you see most. (below left)

The side porches were built to catch the winds and people would sleep out on the porches at night.  The plantation owners would also have a city home and would spend almost equal time between each home.  I was able to be a tour guide for Scott once he got home (above right).

        Two weeks that I was here was the Spoleto and Piccolo Spoleto Arts Festivals.  I attended Don John, a British Musical, a Bobby Darin tribute, an adult Charlie Brown play called Dog sees God, and a local female comedy troupe.  I visited the Farmers’ Market every Saturday morning.

The best part of being in Charleston was meeting all the wonderful people:  From Amilado, the welcome wagon to the pier,  shuttle drivers, shuttle passengers, tour guides, fellow passengers  in the tour buses, other members in the audiences, fellow tourists, other sailors, people in parks, taxi drivers, shoppers at Piggly Wiggly, the lady who did my cornrow braids, and the ladies who gave me a tour and ride back to the marina, and Dominic, a fellow Bayfield aficionado with a Bayfield 36.

 Since we had paid for the marina a month, Scott decided to take the time to fix a few things with the comfort of AC.  Now we are off again heading for New York. 

single house
Scott in front of a replica of the USS Hunley
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