The Amazing Grace

Let Your Dreams Set Sail

Delivery Crew March 2001

From Port St. Lucie, Florida to Kemah, Texas in 8 days.

Rick Taylor (Scott's Brother), Teresa Little Gill (Cindy's childhood friend from MI), Ken Gindrup (XO Executive Officer), Scott Taylor (Captain), and Cindy Taylor (First Mate).

Veracruz 2004 Crew

Teresa Little Gill (Second Mate), Scott Taylor (Captain), Cindy Taylor (Navigatrix), Eddie Flores (Roustabout), and Lewissa Ware (Communications Officer).


Veracruz 2006 Crew

Randall Fuchs ( AB Able Bodied Crewman), Michelle George (Deck Hand), Scott Taylor (Captain), Cindy Taylor (Navigatrix), Ricky Taylor (Fishing Supervisor).

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